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This article addresses the following issues:

  1. When I create a 360 view, the images seem to skip.
  2. Full screen does not work in some cases.
  3. I need to communicate to Iconasys the settings that I am currently using.

360 Product View: Images Displaying Out of Order

Problem Scenario 1 - Images have not been named correctly and when composing 360 view, the images are being composed out of order:

After using Shutter Stream for capturing a 360 set of images (and editing - if required), user will need to follow these steps in order to save images with correct file names (usually this is what makes the images appear out of order):
a) select all images using BATCH IMAGE SELECTION TOOL from Shutter Stream
b) Click either BATCH SAVING icon or DYNAMIC SAVING icon under Image Processing tools
c) Enter your FILENAME with a placeholder after it (for ex. FILENAME- or FILENAME_
d) Select 'Sequential Naming' option 001 (see the screen captures of both BATCH and DYNAMIC Save tools):

e) Output images - you should see the naming correct now in whatever output folder you specified
f) Drag and drop images into 360 View Creator application then create the 360 view

Problem Scenario 2 - The object is moving as turntable rotates:

  1. Check to ensure the product is not moving on the turntable as it rotates. Try using something to secure product, ex, special holding jewelry wax or a mild adhesive.
  2. If using an Iconasys turntable, make sure that the table top (if using one - for ex. acrylic top ) does not slip during ther image capture process.  You can try using an adhesive on the underside of the platform to secure it.

Problem Scenario 3 - If you suspect the turntable is the issue (mechanical issues - it is not turning a complete 360 view or skipping during image capture)

Test the turntable to ensure it rotates a complete 360 rotation

  1. a. Place object on turntable and create an image overlay (instructions:
    b. Enter into 360 shooting mode.

    • If using an Iconasys Medium, Large, or Iconasys Platinum Mid or LRG turntable, please enter value under continuouis spin of 360 degrees and use the press the nudge button (screen capture below). This should rotate the turntable one complete 360 rotation:

    • If using an Iconasys Jewelry Turntable select the 'Preview' button - this should rotate turntable one complete 360 rotation.
    c. At the end of capture, enable live view again - The Image Overlay should align perfectly with the product in the live view window.

If this fails, please contact (or respond to last open support ticket) so we can troubleshoot the issue further. These steps will include running an SDK test.

Full Screen Not Working

Keep in mind the following:

  1. As of version 1.1, Iconasys tested the software on the following major browsers: Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.  If you are using any other browser, there may be issues with the 360 View Creator.
  2. With the recent introduction of Windows 10 and the Edge browser, we are aware of issues related to version 1.1.  We will add support for the Edge browser in version 1.2.
  3. All iOS devices do not support full screen.

Sharing Settings Files with Iconasys' Support Team

Please send the file named settings.ini to our support team.  The location of the file is:

  1. Windows: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\iconasys\360 Product View Creator\desktop
  2. Mac: /Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/iconasys/360 Product View Creator/desktop