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I need to access the Platinum Large controller box.  How do I do that?

Step-by-step guide

You will need to get the proper hex-sized wrenches, as these are not provided with the turntable.

Here are the steps for accessing the controller box, should you need access to it:

  1. Place the turntable on a workbench 
  2. Remove the table top, to get access to the belt system and the toothed gear for the belt
  3. Remove the four screws in the middle of the toothed gear.  Carefully lift up the toothed gear and the belt.  You will now see the four screws that hold the controller box (highlighted in red, below)

  4. After removing the four screws, highlighted in red, the controller box will be accessible

    Picture Wiring

    If you are about to make any electrical changes, please make sure you snap a picture of all the wires and their connections before you touch anything or make any changes.

    Do Not Over-Tighten Screws

    When putting back the controller box, please DO NOT over tighten the screws holding the controller box. There should be hardly any pressure on the screws. If you tighten the screws more than a touch, you will put too much pressure on the screw support (nut) counters-sunk in the molded leg and the nut may come out of the plastic molding holding it!