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How do I add hotspots to my image, when using the Advanced 360 View Creator?

Step-by-step guide

Please note, you will need Advanced 360 View Creator software for using hotspots feature. You can e-mail our sales department at if you need to get this version.

Main steps are:

  1. Add a hotspot
  2. Choose its type
  3. Set it

To get an idea of what a hotspot is, see this example:


Here is a video describing how to use the hotspot feature, see about 3:40, video which is also explaining usage of Advanced 360 View Creator software:


You can also take a look at this video (if you have yet to), to get a better understanding of adding Hotspots (direct link to 3:40 to the previously mentioned link):

You can use a Hotspot editor, manual placement or the Wizard option.

For more settings and info about 360 Product View Creator software, please go to this link for the user guide: