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Users can create their own set of custom player buttons that can be used in the 360 Product View Creator. Users will have to follow specific image format and size requirements - and be sure to make a button for all options. Info as follows:

  1. Image Format: Image must be in PNG format with a transparent background
  2. Buttons required:
    1. Full Screen
    2. Left Arrow
    3. Pause Button
    4. Play Button
    5. Right Arrow
    6. Zoom in
    7. Zoom out
  3. Buttons must be placed in a single image file (.PNG format) in the exact order as pictured below (play, pause, left arrow, right arrow, full screen, zoom in, zoom out)
  4. The output size must be 224 x 32 pixels

Feel free to download folder below to view a set of buttons from the 360 view creator software. These can be used a reference files when creating your own set of custom buttons.