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The Iconasys Turntable Controller is a standalone software that can be used with current Iconasys turntables and with any 3rd party programs that supports Shutter Release.

Step-by-step guide:

To install the Iconasys Turntable Controller you will need to first install the turntable drivers and then download and install the turntable controller software.  

Detailed steps are:

  1. Install the FTDI drivers. This is needed only if you don't have ShutterStream already running with the turntable. If ShutterStream already works, then the drivers are installed and you can skip this step:

    Mac also: Mac Turntable Troubleshooting

    If running on Linux then proceed as follows:

    1. After unzipping the turntable controller software, switch to the Iconasys Turntable Controller location.
    2. Run the command: sudo ./IconasysTurntableController (or you can add usb permission to standard user if sudo is not permitted)
    3. If you receive the message "Turntable not opened", the kernel automatically loaded another driver for the FTDI usb device, so you need to unload them as follows:
      1. sudo rmmod ftdi_sio
      2. sudo rmmod usbserial
    No driver in Linux, just the steps listed.
  2. Download and install the software:

  3. See release notes:

    VersionRelease NotesRelease Date
    • Added Platinum LRG V2 model
    September 22nd, 2020
    • Update the installer to show the correct version in control panel applications list
    • Better handle the auto-resize Ui controller content based on the turntable Ui, instead of hard-coded
    • Better handling the possible error when app start and show the possible error(s) to user
    • Fixed the continous rotate Ui issue; updates for better Ui sync with rotating state
    February 18th, 2020


    • Application itself: added the silver turntable option

    • Ability to Cancel 360 Shooting

    • Ability to manually trigger camera

    • Ability to "Pause" rotation when shooting

    • Include version number into Ui's footer

    • Add the CCW preview rotation buttons

    • Other fixes in the background

    November 20th, 2019
    • Installer: added an item shortcut in windows start-up menu entry

    August 23rd, 2019
    • Initial version of stand-alone turntable controller

    July 5th, 2019