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This is an error code generated by Nikon cameras and the exact Nikon SDK error translation is:  

kNkMAIDResult_DeviceBusy = 152,

This means that for one reason or another, the Nikon camera is busy trying to do something else, while we sent a new command for snapping a new picture.
The solution is to do everything possible to make sure the Nikon camera is not busy with anything else by the time Shutter Stream tries to capture a new
image. This can come down to multiple variables. A good first step is to:

A. Shut down Shutter Stream application

B. Unplug camera from USB

C. Take a picture manually on the camera hitting the snap button.

D.  If your camera is able to manually take a photo - please reconnect via USB< launch Shutter Stream software, then try to capture another image.
If this does not work, here are some further suggestions:

  1. Disable live view: click the blue gear in the top right corner of the window, live view options, uncheck Keep live view on after capture.

  2. Disable Auto Focus option from the Shutter Stream software toolbar only.  Make sure you shoot in manual mode and that you
    set your focus manually so that the camera does not have to do any work re-focusing after each image.

  3. This error 152 can be prompted by a battery running low on camera. Please replace the camera's battery and make sure the battery is fully charged.
    You might want to work with an AC Power adaptor so your camera's battery will always be fully charged - this helps the majority of customers with this error.

  4. When shooting in 360 mode, we have seen that adding a 2-3 second delay after each capture (In 360 shooting area - under Iconasys Turntable option)
    will help. 

  5. If the 2 seconds delay does not help, increase the delay to 30 seconds than reduce it gradually by 2 seconds at one time.

  6. Remove the SD card from the camera.

  7. Make sure you are NOT using a cable longer than 6 feet.

  8. Make sure you are connecting directly to the computer and you're not going via a USB Hub.

  9. Change your shooting mode to JPG only!  If you are shooting JPG+RAW, set it to JPG only.

  10. Set your camera to the lowest JPG resolution available and test with it.  If it works, try increasing the resolution until the error appears again.
    Revert back to the lowest resolution for which the camera did not give the error.

  11. Make sure that the camera is set to shooting in manual mode (M)

  12. Reset the camera to its defaults.

  13. If the camera keeps failing, please test that when the camera is NOT tethered you can snap pictures (in Manual mode) quickly. 
    If you cannot, the camera might be defective and you should consider contacting Nikon for support.

The above suggestions will fix most of the 152 error messages.  You might also consider reading the following two articles:

  1. Take a look at this article as well:

  2. If you are using a turntable, please make sure that you read the KB (Knowledge Base) article on the turntable troubleshooting: