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When I press Snap button from Shutter Stream, I get this error: "Cannot initiate capture command. Error code is 4294967169" or any other "4294967***" error codes.  See also: Nikon Error Codes.


The main steps are:
  1. Set your camera on completely Manual Mode
  2. Use the original cable
  3. Use a charged battery and no SD card in camera
  4. Make sure your floor and setup are not moving
  5. Use a tripod
  6. Tape the cable to fix it
  7. Test again. Send us a picture of your setup
  8. Try different USB ports on your computer.
  9. Read KB article with Connecting camera issues.

This error means in human readable words: "Value Out Of Bounds" and the error is from NikonSDK (kNkMAIDResult_ValueOutOfBounds).
In other words when we query NikonSDK to start live view, it return us that error code.

This is definitely a camera / hardware / connection issue. Here is what we would like you to try:

1. Are you sure your camera settings is in Manual mode ?

2. The USB cable should not be longer than 6ft! You should use the original USB cable which came with your camera. You might use powered USB port hubs only afterwards.

3. Make sure your camera's battery is fully charged and that the SD card (if using one) is completely empty).

4. The simplest way is to test whether or not the connection and / or the connector on the camera is the issue. For you will need to mount the camera on a tripod and make sure that the floor DOES NOT MOVE at all! Ideally, the tripod is sitting on a hard floor, not a wooden floor that shakes if/when someone walks by.

5. Use a tripod.

6. Take a piece of tape and place the tape over the cable and tape the cable to the tripod so that you have a bit of slack between the location where the cable is taped to the tripod and the connector to the camera. Ideally, you tape the USB cable to one of the tripod's legs and to the camera's body and you leave some cable slack between the first taping location and the USB connector (as shown in Figure). The slack between the taping point and the camera connection should be such that if you shake the cable on the other side of the tape (i.e. the side of the USB cable that goes to the computer) there is NO shake in the USB cable between the tape point and the camera connection.  This is shown in this figure:

7. If you are using a laptop or a desktop, set it on a table and then apply a second tape to the USB cable such that you tape the USB cable to the table. Again, there should be no cable movement between the tape point and the computer.

8. Try different USB ports on your computer.  Start shooting and let us know what happens. Please also include a picture of your setup, showing the USB cable taped to the tripod and the USB cable taped to the table, before it goes into the computer.

9. Here is a good, more general article, which should solve your issue: Problems Recognizing Or Connecting Camera To Shutter Stream Software

10. You can just turn camera OFF and ON again and again. There must be some USB connection issue. So, please tape the USB cable on the camera, to make sure cable is not moving inside the camera either. And having the camera on the tripod is not enough, because cable could still move. Tape on the tripod too, on the working table, desktop too.