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Live View was working but this error has been popping up in the middle of the shoots almost every time.


Likely your camera was disconnected while the software was communicating with the camera and this is causing a communication error.

First try:

  1. Shut down software
  2. Disconnect camera from USB
  3. Turn off camera
  4. Remove battery (leave battery out of camera for 5 seconds)
  5. Re-plug in battery, power back on camera and connect via USB
  6. Launch software and enable 'Live View'

If error persists, secondary suggestions are:

  1. Uncheck "Keep live view on after capture"
  2. Increase the delay between shots
  3. Set your camera on Manual mode
  4. Try a different USB cable
  5. Check Live View on camera works
  6. Check camera's battery is full.

1. Disable the Live View in 360 mode. You can do this by opening Shutter Stream, click the blue gear from the top right corner or the window, click "Live View Options", uncheck "Keep live view on after capture".

2. Increase the delay between shots. Depending on your turntable model, you will have to click the "360" button, then select either "Iconasys turntable" for the medium/large turntable, either "Arduino turntable" for the small turntable, then check "Number of frames", Select 8-72 frames, and at Snap, check "Auto with... 0. seconds delay", then enter here 5.0 seconds then Start. You can try even with 10.0 seconds delay.

3. Your camera settings is in Manual mode. Your camera's mode dial button is on M (completely manual mode). More info for camera suggested settings can be found here:

4. Try a different USB camera-to-computer cable. The camera software should recognize the camera.

5. Make sure Live view directly on the camera works.

6. Verify that the battery is fully charged. You can try with the power cord connected.

7. Next, if you followed all instructions - and Live View still doesn't work, a good test is to unplug your camera from USB as if you were shooting normally - and see if you can enable live view this way. Does it show on your LED screen on the back of the camera?

If yes, go ahead and plug it into your computer and launch the software - it should be able to show.

If not, this is likely a setting on your camera that needs to be updated (disable Face Detection from the camera's menu: turn the AF/M button to AF - you must have an AF capable lens attached to camera. Turn on live view and then advance menu by info button until you see the screen with the icons across the top. Now depress center button of AF/M button and the icon for facial recognition will be seen in yellow. Then rotate front button until norm is seen in yellow area. Finally it is off ! That is a default setting).