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Video was made using Shutter Stream Version 6.0

Shutter Stream Software Tutorial

Getting Started

Step 1: Installing Shutter Stream Software 0:09

Step 2: Registering Shutter Stream Software 1:14

Step 3: Installing Shutter Stream License File 2:31

Step 4: Camera Set-up 3:42

Step 5: Shutter Stream GUI Overview 7:16

Image Capture Tools 7:52

Step 6a: Live View Mode: Camera Settings Adjustment 7:52

Step 6b: Live View Mode: Focal Point Adjustment 10:23

Step 6c: Live View Mode: Live View Settings 12:01

Step 6d: Live View Mode: Image Overlay Feature 13:36

Step 6e: Live View Mode: Rotate Tool 15:46

Step 6f: Live View Mode: Pre-Crop Feature 16:40

Step 6g: Live View Mode: Snap Function 19:17

Image Viewing/Thumbnail Gallery 21:21

Step 7: Image Viewing/Thumbnail Gallery 21:21


Image Processing Tools 23:06

Step 8a: Editing Tools: Automated Background Removal Tool using a Reference Image 23:06

Step 8b: Editing Tools: Automated Background Removal Tool using a Solid Color & Chroma Key 27:26

Step 8c: Editing Tools: Lasso Tool - Manual Cut Out 30:33

Step 8d: Editing Tools: Crop 37:14

Step 8e: Editing Tools: Add Canvas/Rotate Tools 37:53

Step 8f: Editing Tools: Reset/Restore Images 39:15

Step 8g: Editing Tools: Color Correction / Image Enhancement Tools (White Balance, Tint, Hue, Sharpness, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Levels, Curves) 40:10

Step 8h Editing Tools: Creating/Saving an Editing Profile 41:50

Step 8i: Editing Tools: Free Transform Tool 42:33

Step 9: Output Tools - Batch Saving 44:45

Step 10: - Output Tools - Dynamic Saving 47:34

Step 11: Annotation & Email Feature 52:02

Step 12: Image Transfer 54:04

Options Area 55:14

Step 13a: Options Area: Watermark 55:14

Step 13b: Options Area: FTP Site Settings 58:26

Step 13c: Options Area: Directories Watcher 59:09

Step 13d: Options Area: Image EXIF 1:00:52

Step 13e: Options Area: Transfer Image Options 1:01:11

Step 13f: Options Area: Save Image Options 1:02:59

Step 13g: Options Area: Import Directory 1:03:39

Step 13h: Options Area: Reconnect to Camera 1:04:23

Step 13i: Options Area: View Serial Number / About 1:04:56

Technical Support 1:05:20

Step 14: Technical Support 1:05:20