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Is there a trick to finding the perfect center on the 360? I know the dot is center, but even if we're off by a mm, it becomes elliptical.

Any ideas about centering an object?

Blog Suggestion:

Please see the following blog, describing the centering process:

Video Suggestion #1:

Video Suggestion #2:

Additional Option (step-by-step guide)

The main steps are:

  1. Centering an object
  2. Or set turntable on continuous spin
  3. Tape paper with squares on turntable top
  4. Capture a top-down 360 view
  5. Flip images
  6. Move a square's corner in the center
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 a few more times.


Here is a PDF pattern:

 you can print and then use it to find the center of the turntable.
Follow these steps:

1. Get a paper with squares - print the above pattern on paper, use a math paper or millimeter paper and tape the paper to the turntable top.

2. Capture a top down 360 view. Even 8 images are enough.

3. As you flip through the 8 images, try to identify the square that moves the least.

4. Shift one of the square corners to the location where you visually determine to be the least moving part. That will be your origin.

5. Repeat steps 4-6 a few more times, until the origin does not move anymore. That's the true origin.

If you cannot find a location that has no movement, that that's the actual wobble of the table. Wobble cannot be determined from capturing the edges of the turntable.

Do not worry about the edges of the turntable wobble.