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Multirow/multiple row is a part of the 360 photography process, viewing your images from different angles and perspectives.

Creating a professional multirow 360 project doesn't require professional photography skills. After following this article, you will be able to create your own professional 360 multirow projects and learn the entire process on how multiple rows work. In the following example we will use a hand-built Harley Davidson motorcycle with 3 different rows.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Set up your studio lights, camera and turntable (very important to keep the same lighting environment and camera settings throughout the 360 multiple row process)

The setup used to create this multirow

  2. Use a ruler to measure the distance between your camera lens ← and → your object placed on the turntable. In this example we used a Macro Lens 60mm with F 2.8 with the aperture set to F 8 , ISO 200 and Shutterspeed 1/25, distance 105 cm / 41 inch


  3. Manually adjust your focus using the zoom in/zoom out & arrows in Shutterstream. Keep in mind to maintain the same distance on all number of rows

In this example we used a Macro Lens with F 2.8 with the aperture set to F 8 , ISO 200 and Shutterspeed 1/25

  4. Make sure your object  is aligned in the center of the turntable in order to avoid the object going outside the boundaries(in this Harley Davidson example, aligning is crucial in order to keep your object spinning symethical in all 360 frames). 

This is an animated GIF from the first generated 360 row using 72 frames.

360 Settings

In this example we've used a 360 Platinum Large turntable with 72 frames on each individual row and set to Auto-capture delay 1 second. You can also use pre-crop feature from Shutterstream or manually crop using the editor all of your resulted multirow images to fit perfectly when switching from one row to the second row and so on.

  5. Using the Live View Overlay feature, you can create an overlay of your first row/first image and on the 2nd row simply activate the overlay in order to align your object perfect again. See video tutorial here: Create an Overlay in ShutterStream Full Video

We have now created 3 rows, each 72 images, result is: 216 images. It's time to export this files directly into 360 View Creator

  6. In 360View Creator we set the number of rows for our example to 3, then we press Reload Preview.

  7. After you edit your 360 multirow project, set hotspots or change player colors etc. Simply export your 360 locally or upload it to Stream Server.

  8. It's time to share the final generated 360 multirow project : 360 Multirow Project - Harley Davidson Handbuilt Motorcycle