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Pricing Information

Iconasys' hosting service is currently free. Iconasys may change this service to a fee based, in the future.

Starting with version 2.0 of the 360 Product View Creator Software, you can upload your 360 Product Views (created with version 2.0 or higher) to the Iconasys server where they will be hosted. This will allow for easy embed (into your website) and simple sharing  This provides an easy viewing solution for your 360 Product Views in HTML5 & Interactive MP4 format - especially if you don't have a fully dedicated web server available or if you want to quickly share your 360 views.  This article describes the steps for using the Iconasys 360 hosting service.

Step-by-step guide

The main steps are:

  1. Create your account on the Iconasys Stream 360 Server (
  2. Open the 360 View Creator Software, click 'Options' in the top right corner of screen and enter/save Stream Server Loging credentials
  3. After creating, editing your 360 View, select Upload to 360 View Server under 3. Output (in the 360 Product View Creator Software)
  4. Copy the link which you need to embed in your website

  1. Create an account on our server

Create the 360 view from 360 Product View Creator software, select Upload to 360 View Server, click Save, Register:

You will get to , enter your name, e-mail, password:

2. Upload the 360 view to our server

Go to 360 Product View Creator, with the previous credentials you will be able to upload the 360 View:

3. Upload the 360 view to our server

Go to , enter your data if not logged in already. Copy the index URL link which you will need to embed into the code needed in the description of your website.

Question: What type of file is the Index URL Link? 

The Index URL Link is a hosted iframe file which is in .html5 format. You would use the Index URL link inside a code line which goes into the website's description area.