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I would need some original sample output images for testing purposes to see the results.


Main steps are:
  1. Download sample
  2. Unzip it
  3. Test
  4. Check out the workflow video or instructions.
  5. Interactive mp4.
  6. Gif.
  7. More examples.
  8. Or iFrame hosted link.

Please see download sample output from the Shutter Stream 360 Software using the following links.

If you would like to see the exact real-time workflow used to shoot these, please see either of the following video links to see how fast and easy it is to achieve high quality results:

Industrial part:

Note in these examples we are using some higher res. Images (1000 px wide) but you will have full control over the size of the output during the 360 output process. You also can fully customize these (spin speed, spin direction, buttons, player style (ex. continuous spin, spin once), etc..).

**After download, make sure to fully extract file (unzip) or it will not work**


Instructions are as follows for viewing 360 locally:

1.      Unzip the file
2.      Open:
           index.html (will display at 1000 px wide – per my output)
      OR iframe.html (will dynamically fit to viewing screen) file in web browser.

Instructions are as follows for hosting 360 view/embed into webpage (*NOTE – we do have a 360 image hosting option should you not wish to use our own servers (in this case, simply use iFrame embed code from Step 3 below to embed 360 view into your site):
1.      Unzip the file
2.      Host the entire folder – for example, I upload this on our site to a folder called Downloads (we use Filezilla to upload this to our webserver)
3.      After this has been uploaded, copy the link of the hosted file to the iframe.html file. For example, the link to this exact file (360-Product-Photography-Pure-White-Background) hosted on our website server is:
4.      Copy that iframe link and embed it into your webpage.      

5.      Or use our interactive .mp4 video, which is zipped, you have to unarchive it first with a dedicated software:

Chrome Security Limitation

Please note that due to the Chrome browser security limitations, you may have difficulties viewing the interactive MP4 when the file is hosted locally.  It will work OK with hosted files, but not with local files.  Therefore, for the locally downloaded file please use Mozilla or other browsers, but not Chrome.

Asics Shoe - 360 Product View MP4 (360 frames + 3X zoom) - JPG

6.      Or use our .gif example for testing:


7.     More examples can be found here:

You can take a look at our existing users, use case studies page:

and our industries page, with more info on specific domains:

8.     Here is the link to the iFrame file for another example, to embed in your website description area, whine bottle:

or this example of a wine bottle:

or this example of a diamond:

here is a 360 with hotspots: