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How do I determine the kind of Iconasys turntables that I have?

Step-by-step guide

Starting with version 5.0 of ShutterStream, Iconasys has added support for stepper motor tables.  Our turntables now support two types of hardware for determining the table position:

  1. Encoder.  In the encoder models, we use a DC or AC motor to turn the table, while an encoder keeps track of the positions of the table.  
  2. Stepper.  In the stepper models, a stepper motor is used to tell the motor how many steps to rotate.

All Iconasys turntables use the same basic hardware controller to communicate with the computer, but it is important to know the table you're using so that the software can send the proper commands.  Here is a list of Iconasys turntables and how you can determine the kind of table you need to select:

Table KindVersionDetermination Method Notes
Standard 72N/A
  • Table's base is made of plastic and
  • Serial number starts with 0120 or 0130
Platinum MediumV1
  • Base is rectangular
Platinum LargeV1
  • Base is round
  • Made of aluminum
  • Purchased in 2017
  • Base is round
  • Made of aluminum
  • Purchased in 2018
  • Manually need to configure



If you are having trouble determining your turntable kind, please contact the Iconasys Support Team.