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How do I install the Platinum Riser Kit?

Step-by-step guide

The Platinum riser can be installed on all of our Platinum tables (medium, large and extra large) the same exact way:

  1. Screw the aluminum holder to the table top
  2. Insert acrylic plastic legs (or columns) into the holders
  3. Rest acrylic top on the plastic legs

    Silicone Bumpers

    If available, place silicone bumpers on top of the plastic legs with the acrylic top resting on the silicon bumpers. This will help stabilize the acrylic platform during turns and stops.


The Platinum table may have different shapes, but all the risers are installed the same way. Use the holes in top platform to bolt in the aluminum metal holders, place the acrylic risers in the holders and then the acrylic top on top of the acrylic legs. For the XL version, use only three legs. This is shown next.

Platinum XL Uses Only Three Legs

The Platinum XL has 6 holes.  Thus, you need to only use three riser legs, or all six for heavier items, as shown: