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Iconasys sells three types of turntables: medium (11"), large (20") and small (4").  The medium and large turntables are designed with the motor on the side of the table, which provides higher torques.  The small turntables are designed with the motor in the center and they are ideal for jewellery.

Medium and Large USB Turntable Driver Installation

For Windows:

  1. Before connecting the turntable through USB, you will first want to install the turntable driver:
    1. Click the blue gear wheel button in top right corner of software and select ‘About’
this will pop up a window that includes an option to install turntable driver:

b. After successful installation, it will say: "Device is ready to use".

2. Connect turntable and camera via USB then power on. In this step the Windows driver manager will search for the driver and put it in com&lpt (the incorrect location).

3. Next, install the driver again (following Step 1.a) - the driver installation will say:"Device/Driver updated". Now the driver and turntable is ready to use.
4. Click the 360 Button in the top right of the UI, then select Iconasys Turntable Option, then click the Blue Play button – this will start the turntable in Continuous Spin mode. You can stop it shortly after.
    Should this not work, please follow this Knowledge Base Article:
    and if still no luck, please contact us.

For Mac OS:

For Mac OS X before 10.9 (Mavericks), the turntable should work immediately. For some computers running 10.9+, users must disable the Apple ftdi driver. Please first try and launch the turntable controller. Instructions as follow:

  1. Connect compatible camera and turntable through USB, power each device and launch the Shutter Stream application.
  2. Select the 360 button in the top right corner of the UI, and select Iconasys Turntable Option, if at any point you get the message ‘turntable controller is not opened’, you will need to disable Apple FTDI driver (skip to step 4)
  3. Click the blue play button – and the turntable will start turning. You are ready to get started with the 360 shooting process.

Turntable Controller Error Message
4. If the turntable does not start (please confirm this is powered on – LED lights will light up). Please enter into the Options area (blue gear wheel top right corner of UI) -> Select About from the drop down and then click "Enable Iconasys turntable driver". After doing so, the turntable should now function. In this case, please revert back to step 2 above.

Note, after any computer power off/on, users will be required to walk through this step.
If Turntable Controller Error Message or issues persist, please follow this knowledge base article:

and contact our support team if you need help.