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These videos from the links shows the workflow for different domain applications. Here you can also find some samples created this way.

Also, here are some good videos for learning:

USB Turntable – Getting Started:

360 View Creator:

Advanced 360 View Creator:

Shutter Stream Software Features (includes videos):

Shutter Stream 360 Software Features (includes videos):  

Automated Background Removal Tool Overview:
Using Lasso to Remove Frame:
Using Lasso to Add Frame:

Auto Parts

Consumer Electronics

Food or Packaged Product


DescriptionVideo LinkSample Output
Sunglasses at 36 Frames (was reshot at one stop lower (darker) than video):

LumiPad 360 Photography Lighting System

Health and Beauty Products

DescriptionVideo LinkInfo
General Merchandise, Hair Brush can see in the video the power of background removal tool – shooting a hairbrush.
Makeup and Beauty product.

Background Removal Tool

DescriptionVideo LinkInfo
BR Tool, Hair Brush of background removal tool in action.

Step-by-step guide

The main steps are:

  1. Choose a domain which is close to what you want
  2. See the video
  3. See the sample.

For more information, you can see our user manual or our Youtube channel.