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The Live View is not working or it displays only a black screen in Shutter Stream.


For troubleshooting purposes, it's important if you do get a black screen or nothing at all. If you get a black screen, then usually that's because some of the camera settings for aperture might be wrong. Please try to select different apertures and/or shutter options from the menu on the bottom of the page and see if that makes a difference.

Please also try these steps:

1. Please make sure that the Live View works directly on the camera's screen.  Unplug your camera from USB as if you were shooting normally - and see if you can enable live view this way. It should show your live image on your LED screen on the back of the camera. If yes, go ahead and plug it into your computer and launch the software - it should be able to show. If not, this is likely a setting on your camera that needs to be updated (disable Face Detection from the camera's menu, change the multi point focus mode, change the Auto ISO function from the camera).

2. Can you please try a different USB camera-to-computer cable? If the camera's software from the computer recognizes the camera, then it should also work with our software.

3. Make sure that the battery is full. Can you try with the power cord connected?

4. Can i confirm you had followed the compatible camera set up guide we had sent at the time of sending the software? If not, its as follows: - more specifically point #9: 9. Please be sure Firmware is updated to 1.04 (previous versions had an issue with Live View)

5. Reset your camera to its default settings. You would do that through the menu of the camera. As part of this process, please also disconnect all USB devices, except for the camera. Also, connect to the PC directly, not through a HUB.

6. Please connect the camera using the camera's own software and see if that software works with the Live View option. If the camera's software works and Shutter Stream still does not, please let us know. If the camera's software does not work either, then we won't be able to do much. Please get the camera's own software working first, by contacting the manufacturer.


Remember, if you don't get a black screen or you get nothing at all, you will need to let us know what do you get displayed by simply writing an e-mail to or by accessing our customer portal: