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Changing cameras exposure settings (ex Aperture, Shutter Speed etc.) for my Nikon Camera is not reflected in live view.


All Nikon cameras have exposure simulation in A, S, P mode, which you can set from the round, dial mode button, on top of the camera.

If you want to use M-mode from the same button, not all Nikon cameras support live view exposure simulation (you can view this page (select your Nikon camera from the list) to see if it supports Live View Exposure Simulation).  Therefore, the best solution is to adjust camera settings, take a picture then repeat until you have found optimal camera settings (correct exposure) for your lighting environment. Note, if shooting in Manual Mode, users can adjust the 'Exposure' setting (in the Shutter Stream camera settings windows) to adjust Live View Exposure.

This video shows differences between Canon and Nikon camera Live View mode

Please make sure you turn off Auto ISO sensitivity:

  1. From - Shooting Menu -> ISO Sensitivity settings.

  2. Change the Auto ISO sensitivity control to OFF. 

    1. Note- Normally for low lightings this is set to ON.

Q & A

Q1: Live View Exposure Simulation doesn't work for all Nikon models

A1: Nikon only supports live view exposure simulation for select cameras, but these settings are totally different from camera to camera.  

Q2: ISO sensitivity control is set to OFF already. ISO and Shutter and Aperture didn't allow value changes

A2: Make sure your camera is not set to Manual mode. You need to rotate the wheels mode to Manual.

Q3: Can I adjust Live View Brightness/Darkness

A3: Yes, if shooting in Manual Mode (M on the cameras dial) you should be able to make adjustments to the Exposure Setting through the Camera Settings Window in Shutter Stream. Note, this adjustment will only make adjustments to the Live View Exposure (not have any effect on the image captured.

Q4: Cannot initiate capture command. Error code is 4294967174

A4: The error code means in NikonSDK "kNkMAIDResult_NoMedia".   Please remove the SD card from the camera and try again.  Or, try inserting the SD card in the camera but make sure the card is empty.