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Changing settings in Nikon is not reflected in live view.


All Nikon cameras have exposure simulation in A, S, P mode, which you can set from the round, dial mode button, on top of the camera.

If you want to use M-mode from the same button, Nikon does not provide live view simulation of all the different settings.  Therefore, the best solution is to change your settings and then take a snap.

Please also make sure you turn off Auto ISO sensitivity:

  1. From - Shooting Menu -> ISO Sensitivity settings.

  2. Change the Auto ISO sensitivity control to OFF. 

    1. Note- Normally for low lightings this is set to ON.

Q & A

Q1: Live stimulation doesn't work for all Nikon models

A1: Nikon support live view simulation for some parameters and for different cameras, but these settings are totally different from camera to camera.  See this article for example:
We have tested Shutter Stream with multiple Nikon cameras and for all we can change some parameters in live view simulations but not all.

Q2: ISO sensitivity control is set to OFF already. ISO and Shutter and Aperture didn't allow value changes

A2: Make sure your camera is not set to Manual mode. You need to rotate the wheels mode to Manual.

Q3: Cannot initiate capture command. Error code is 4294967174

A3: The error code means in NikonSDK "kNkMAIDResult_NoMedia".   Please remove the SD card from the camera and try again.  Or, try inserting the SD card in the camera but make sure the card is empty.