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Nikon camera troubleshooting.  Finding out which Nikon module is used for your camera model.


Please test using the Nikon SDK found in this table.  Match the SDK to your camera name.  
For example, if you are using Nikon D5300:

  1. Search for the name D5300 in the list below.  In this case, download:
  2. Unzip the file and go to the proper directory name in the directory: 
    Module/<OS>/Sample Program/<First Directory>/<OS>/build/Release

  3. Then open a command line to where the executable is and run the executable from the command line.
  4. Follow the command line menu items.

List of Nikon SDK Executables


Shutter Stream 6.1:

Nikon cameras and module files:

D3-D3S-D300-D300S-D700 libNkPTPDriver2.dylib Type0001 Module.bundle
D3-D3S-D300-D300S-D700 Royalmile.framework Type0001 Module.bundle
Z6 Type0024 Module.bundle
Z7 Type0023 Module.bundle
D850 Type0022 Module.bundle
1V3 Type0019 Module.bundle
D7200 Type0017 Module.bundle
D750 Type0015 Module.bundle
D810+D810A+D810 Type0014 Module.bundle
D4S Type0013 Module.bundle
D5100 Type0005 Module.bundle
D5200 Type0009 Module.bundle
D5300 Type0011 Module.bundle
D7000 Type0004 Module.bundle
D7100 Type0010 Module.bundle
D4 Type0007 Module.bundle
D800 Type0006 Module.bundle
DF Type0012 Module.bundle
D600+D610+D610 Type0008 Module.bundle
D90 + D5000 Type0003 Module.bundle
D3 + D3S + D300 + D300S + D700 Type0001 Module.bundle
D3X Type0002 Module.bundle
D500 Type0020 Module.bundle
D5500 + D5600 Type0016 Module.bundle
D7500 Type0021 Module.bundle
D5 Type0018 Module.bundle