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This article explains how to install the platform extenders and how to add extensions on the large platinum turntables

Step-by-step guide

The large platinum series Iconasys turntables can be purchased with platform extensions.  The extensions allow you to add a larger custom made platform to the table.  Follow the instructions in this article to install the extensions.

  1. The original large platinum series looks like this:
  2. Unscrew the bolts that hold the black rubber feet onto the aluminum legs.
  3. Use the screws from the rubber feet to bolt down the leg extensions as shown in the figure below:

    The extensions have three holes.  Orient the extensions such that the two nearest holes are closer to the center of the table and then use both holes to bolt the extensions to the table.
  4. Mount the casters and rollers as shown in the Figure above.
  5. When viewed from the side, the red rollers and the top of the metal platform should be even, as shown below:
  6. Add your own made table top.  The table top should rest on the table, in the center and on the red rollers at the edges, as shown below:
  7. (OPTIONAL) Bolt down, the custom made top, to the table and you are complete.  


Please note that the custom made top is something the customer is responsible for.  However, here are some great links (for US residents) of table tops you can purchase from Home Depot:

*For each of these options, we would suggest either painting table top white, or pasting white paper on top of the table top.

And here is an Amazon link to white acrylic tops that can be used with the larger platforms (minimium size required is 42"):