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Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software supports two video shooting modes.

A. 360 Video Capture: In this mode, users, when working with an Iconasys 360 Photography Turntable, can synchronize video capture with turntable movement to capture a 360 Product Video.

How it Works Video:

360 Video Capture Step-by-step guide:

  1. Connect Turntable and Camera via USB to the computer – then launch the software
  2. Enable Live View, this will stream a real time preview to the camera. During this step, users will adjust camera video record settings (Aperture, Shutter Speed, White Balance & ISO) to optimize exposure settings for the lighting being used
  3. Place Object on Turntable and Pre-rotate turntable to ensure for correct object positioning (during this step users will watch the real time preview on monitor to ensure object is spinning on axis in the center of the turtnable)
  4. Set Focal Point (optional) – Through mouse clicks users can view 1:1 in the real time preview, then set and fix a focal point to be used during 360 video capture (it is suggested to use a single, fixed focal point when shooting 360 Product Videos)
  5. Define Turntable Spin Rate, Spin Direction and Capture Degrees. Capture degrees is the number of degrees of video capture (ex. if you wish to capture a video with 2 full rotations, you would enter 720-degrees as the capture degrees setting)
  6. Hit Start – This will trigger video record start with turntable rotation start and after defined spin range has been captured, the video record will automatically stop.
  7. Auto Upload – After Product Video capture is complete, the video will be uploaded to the computer in seconds where users can then editing and process the video (if required).  A backup of the video will also be saved to the cameras internal storage (ex. SD card). 

B. Manual Video Record: In this mode, users can manually start/stop video record.

Step-by-step guide

Connect the camera and power it on.  Make sure that Live View is working and then follow these steps:

  1. After Live View is enabled the Shutter Stream control panel will look like this:

  2. In the lower right corner you will see a small "PLAY" button:

  3. If you press it, you might get the following error:

    This basically means one of several things:
    1. On Canon cameras, you need to flip the physical switch on the camera to movie mode.
    2. On Nikon cameras, you need to enable movie recording from the Live View settings in the menu of the camera.
    3. The camera needs to have an SD card installed and the card must have enough free space.  Video recording
      is done on the SD card and at the end of it, after you hit the STOP button, the movie is transferred to your computer.
      Without an empty SD card, the movie cannot be recorded.
  4. Once the video recording starts, the PLAY button converts into a STOP button, which should be pressed when you are ready
    to stop recording:

  5. Once you click STOP the video will be transferred to your computer, in the default Videos folder (on both Mac and Windows)

    The videos will be saved on your computer how the camera is set to save it, its native extension. For example, if your camera is set from its own menu to save video as .mov, the video file will be saved on your computer as If it is set to save it as .mp4, it will be saved so.