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Problem: The Shutter Stream / Shutter Stream 360 software has expired.

Reason: User had not registered software within 10 days of software install. Per instructions on page 1 of user guide, we request users Register software at time of install.

Solution: You will need to register the software by sending the serial number into an email to


  1. Launch software
  2. Immediately after software launch you will see message: 'Free 10 day use of the software has expired'
  3. Click the 'Help' button
  4. Highlight the entire serial number (double check to make sure serial number has completely been highlighted - it will show with a blue hue over top of it)
  5. Copy the serial number (Windows Ctrl+C / Mac: Command+C)
  6. Paste into a new email (Windows: Ctrl+V / Mac: Command+V) 
  7. Send email to
  8. Denote
    1. Software license type - either 'Shutter Stream' or 'Shutter Stream 360' based on your purchase.
    2. The software has expired

*IMPORTANT* If you are registering a software with an email address/name/company name not used at the time of purchase, please include your purchase info.

Within 24 hours, users can expect an email with a valid license file for the software. Note, this will only work for the Shutter Stream Software on the PC the serial number was sent from. If you require this license file ASAP, feel free to mention in your email this is an urgent request so we can expedite this.

After License File Email is Received:

Installing License File: Instructions on how to install the license file (tutum) will be included in the license file email. Users will need to save the attached file locally on their computer, then import it in to the software.


  1. Copy and save this file locally on your computer (do not open file - simply save it)
  2. Launch the Shutter Stream Software
  3. Immediately after software launch you will see message: 'Free 10 day use of the software has expired'
  4. Click 'Help' button
  5.  On the window that pops up, click ‘Choose License File’
  6.  Import the tutum file that you had saved locally