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Silver MID 360 Photography Turntable

You may also consult the setup page on our main website:

Silver Series MID & LRG 360 Turntable Hanging Kit Set up Guide

Along with the purchase of your Hanging Kit, you would have received:

  1. Hanging Kit Mount (circle piece): This will mount to the stem on the turntable using 3 screws
  2. Screws: Used to mount Hanging Kit Mount to turntable and for connecting Stems to the Mount
  3. 2X Hanging Kit Stems (1 for Plate/Hook Mount, 1 for Watch Stand Mount)
  4. Two Hanging Kit Plates (not pictured):
    1. Small Plate Mount: 6″ x 3″ – this part is designed for photographing hanging necklaces and similar smaller type objects in 360. Also can be used with fishing line or wire
    2. Large Plate Mount: 11.75 x 4″ – this part is ideal for use with wire or fishing line and optimal for shooting larger size objects such as footwear, handbags and other larger objects
  5. Hook Mount: Designed for shooting hanging earrings and similar type objects in 360
  6. Watch Mount: Specifically designed for 360 Watch Photography
  7. Rubber Feet: These will be used under the turntable to suspend it when placed upside down
  8. Suspension Feet Adhesive: Double sided adhesive that can be used to securely connect feet to turntable surface (optional)

Getting Started with 360 Hanging Kit

Users will first want to find a surface in which they can suspend their turntable upside down. We find a piece of wood with a hole drilled out in the middle works best however other options are available too. In the image below, we used a 2 x 4’ sheet of plywood and drilled a 3” circle hole in the middle using a hole saw drill bit. We then suspended this platform using 2 31” tall saw horses. 

Figure 1: Turntable Suspension

Next, the turntable platform will need to be removed (remove the 3 screws used to mount this top to the turntable stem) then remove the roller bearings.

Figure 2: Removing screws & deciding turntable stem

It is in this next step users will decide which hanging kit stem will be required. 

  • If using the Watch Stand Mount, use the Stem with the white connector mount on one end (part A, Figure 2 - see above)
  • If using either of the plates or the Hook, then use the connector mount with metal screw mount on both ends (part B, Figure 2 - see above).

Connect the stem to the hanging kit mount (circle piece) using the provided screw (see Figure 3 below):

Figure 3: Connecting Stem to Turntable Mount

Next, use the 3 screws that were used to mount the turntable platform to connect the Hanging Kit Mount to the center stem (see Figure 4):

Figure 4: Connecting Mount to Turntable Stem

After the mount has been attached, its time to flip the turntable upside down. Users can either:

  1. Adhere the rubber feet to the turntable (using the provided Suspension Feet Adhesive (red dots) – this is optional. See Figure 5
  2. Place the turntable upside down and place the feet under it. See Figure 6 for suggested feet placement

Figure 5: Place adhesive on Rubber Feet

Figure 6: Showing suggested rubber feet placement

Flip Turntable upside down and place stem through hole (see Figure 7)


Figure 7: Flip Turntable upside down and place stem through hole

Last, user will attach the required mount to the Stem using a screw (see Figure 8 and 9):

Figure 8: Connect plate


Figure 8: Screw in plate

Questions? All purchases include free support, please go to: to see support contact




Suggestion 1:

Two Sawhorses:

Piece of wood: Ex. 2 x 4’” (or source locally at hardware store). You will need to cut a hole in the middle of this using a hole saw bit (ex.

(optional: Paint plywood white to eliminate unwanted colors in reflective items)

Potential Tables for Hanging Silver Turntables