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Setup and configuration of the focal point:  Magnifier Glass + Icon does not work,


This comes down to a physical camera setting called 'Face Detection' being enabled. And this actually limits Live View zoom in any case of working with your camera - using it with our without Shutter Stream software. For example: Please unplug your camera from USB, power it on and turn on Live View - then attempt to zoom on the live view window. This will not work (hence why it will not work in our software).

To fix this, users will want to Disable the 'Face Detection' feature using the camera settings menu:

  1. Go to your Auto Focus detection menu:
  2. Change face tracking:
  3. Any option other than face tracking should work.  If you have multiple options, try all of them, other than face tracking:

The above sample images are from a Canon EOS 70D, but similar menu items will be available for your own camera as well.  The bottom line is

that you want to be in a non-face tracking mode.  Please also reference this article discussing the issue: