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Alternative option was to shoot at Shutter Speeds faster than or equal to 1/160 (but that’s a bit hard considering the amount of light you need).
Please see this video: which will explain it all. Attached are two sample images for reference – click on them to see full resolution.

Blurry Image When Camera LCD Live View is OFFClear Image When Camera LCD Live View is ON
Image ModifiedImage Modified

Last, a 360 view can be viewed here: (at 1500x1500 px)


Regarding that black reflections inside the diamond, arrows, which you would want to obtain, that can be achieved only when shooting the diamond dead on and you need to shoot at the correct angle. That's all it comes down to. Please see this image:

You can see the arrows in the middle. You want to show these and in order to do so, you need to adjust camera to EXACTLY the right shooting angle. So that communicates how well the diamond was cut.

If it’s a bad cut, it won’t show that.

You would want to shoot at 41 degrees angle, to see the "arrows" inside the diamond. Here's the angle shooting scheme:

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