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Release NotesRelease Date
  • Fixed Background Removal - Dual Shot UI not updating
  • Fixed Sony connection issues
October 1st, 2020
  • Renamed 'Gray Mask' to 'Dual Shot'
  • Added new combo-box with shooting modes in the 360 Menu
  • Added support for Dual Shot in 360 Menu
September 24th, 2020
  • Fixed duplicate error message for nikon video
  • Import directory will now import the images to the current row
  • Fixed focus stacking not stopping when aborting 360
August 24th, 2020
  • Fixed Background Removal algorithm crash
August 20th, 2020
  • Fixed Background Removal Gray mask crash when using previous button with only one image
  • Fixed lasso tool points editing and adding new points
August 13th, 2020
  • Remove widget centering after each background downsample
  • Fixed mask type not changing the image when switching from one Background Removal type to another
August 6th, 2020
  • Fixed Magic Wand & Background Removal window to fit small screen resolutions
  • Fixed 'show mask' checkbox at start up in Background Removal window
  • Auto change image based on gray mask type selected in Background Removal editor and by using the arrows, it will skip the mask images
  • Minor bug fixes and user guide updated link
August 6th, 2020

  • Fixed the Nikon Z50 live view
  • Minor bug fix in "gray mask" Background Removal UI
  • Added new background removal algorithm "Gray mask" logic and UI
  • Fixed crash when modifying sliders value by edit box
  • Fixed sliders not restoring the right values
  • Added camera profiles in the camera settings menu in main ShutterStream window
  • Fixed 360 degrees custom angles calculation
  • Fixed live view for Nikon Z6 v3
  • Added Snap Straight Lines to 0, 45, 90, 135, 180, 225, 270 and 315 Degrees with Lasso Tool
  • Fix dynamic saving window size
  • Improved mouse scroll wheel
  • Fixed scroll area losing focus when zooming with mouse wheel
  • Fix issues with lasso crop when zoom in & out
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Implemented focus stacking with manual turntable option
  • Bug fixes with 360 turntables
  • Added mouse zoom wheel in editing window.
  • Shortcuts:
    • windows: Hold Ctrl + mouse wheel to zoom in/out
    • macOS: Hold Command(CMD) + mouse wheel to zoom in/out
  • Added watcher to prevent multiple instances of shutterstream to run
  • Fixed magnetic settings dialog UI
  • Added pre-crop fine-tuning adjustments in live view, using the following shortcuts: 


    CTRL+ARROWKEY will change the position of the crop in one direction
    CTRL+SHIFT+ARROWKEY will change the size of the crop in one direction,
    CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+ARROWKEY will change the size of the crop in the other direction,
    CTRL+SHIFT+  +,- they will change size in all directions


    COMMAND+ARROWKEY will change the position of the crop in one direction
    COMMAND+SHIFT+ARROWKEY will change the size of the crop in one direction,
    COMMAND+SHIFT+ALT+ARROWKEY will change the size of the crop in the other direction,
    COMMAND+SHIFT+  +,- they will change size in all directions.

  • Significantly improved magnetic lasso:

    • behavior is similar with Photoshop. One click and then can move the mouse without keeping the mouse pressed, to add new lasso points

    • pressing space-bar pauses lasso so that the image can be scrolled around and when space-bar is released the lasso continues from the last point to the new mouse position

    • new lasso points can be added by clicking between two lasso points

    • lasso points can be removed by double clicking on a lasso point

    • lasso points can be moved, using the magnetic properties, by hovering over an existing lasso point until it turns red, then clicking and moving it

    • lasso points can be moved without magnetic properties by selecting the polygon lasso

    • Changed magnetic lasso to start with a single click and then continue, in order to make hand drag to work properly (close lasso with double click or right click)
  • Added save main window geometry
  • Fixed watermark crash
  • Added multi-camera snap
  • Added multi-camera trigger in 360 dialog
  • Fixed empty now auto delete
  • Fixed thumbnails sort in real time
  • Bug fixes
  • Added ability to save original files in batch and dynamic saving
  • Added "Open originals" folder feature in Windows Explorer and macOS Finder
  • Speed up video extraction form Import Video dialog
  • Removed saving of the video file path when importing video
  • Added "Import originals" feature to import back your original files
  • Added Magnetic Lasso Tool Control Dialog

  • Fixed startup crash on macOS
  • Added support for latest Nikon SDK
  • Added support for latest Canon SDK (V13.12.10)
  • Added Magnetic lasso tool
  • Added possibility to create a new row in thumbnails gallery using right click → create new row and name it
  • Focus on the Canon is slightly faster now when using manual focus arrows <<< << < > >> >>>
  • Fixed double image result from focus stacking in the thumbnails gallery
  • Fixed crash with focus buttons in focus stacking dialog
  • Fixed Advanced 360 settings not saving on dialog exit
  • Fixed Potential bugs from bug reports
August 5th, 2020