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Main Window Shortcuts

Windows ShortcutMacOS ShortcutDescriptionNotes
First Key

Second Key

First Key

Second Key

ShiftRight arrowShiftRight arrowActivate live view 
ShiftLeft mouse click and dragShiftLeft mouse click and dragCreate a Square Crop in Live View 

Up arrow

ShiftUp arrowSnap image 
CtrlnCommandnReplicate an existing imageLower case, no shift or caps-lock
Left arrow Left arrow Scroll left in thumbnails gallery 
Right arrow Right arrow Scroll right in thumbnails gallery 
Up arrow Up arrow Previous row in thumbnails gallery 
Down arrow Down arrow Next row in thumbnails gallery 



Batch select images in thumbnail gallery. Select first

image then select last image while holding shift.

Every image in between will be selected.

. . Go to next imageDot or ">" on the english keyboard
, , Go to previous imageComma or "<" on the english keyboard.
Ctrl.Command.Go to first image 
Ctrl,Command,Go to last image 
o o Enable overlay imageLower case, no shift or caps-lock
i i Show the Import directory window to import images Lower case, no shift or caps-lock
r r 

Reconnect to camera

Lower case, no shift or caps-lock