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This means that the camera is not ready yet to shoot, it is busy.

titleShoot in Manual Focus

Camera is least busy when shooting in manual focus mode.  Please try manual focus and see if this helps with the error.

Please try the following steps:1.

  1. Set the camera to manual focus.  (Even try switching the len's manual focus physical switch to MF.  You will loose the ability to adjust focus from the software, but try it first and see if it helps.)
  2. Shut down Shutter Stream and disconnect all other USB devices, except for the camera (or the keyboard or mouse).


  1. Switch camera to movie or video mode from the physical dial mode button or its dedicated button for video/movie mode.


  1. Make sure the camera has a large enough and empty SD card inserted.


  1. Power everything back on and restart Shutter Stream.


  1. Try recording again.


  1. Maybe the camera is broken? A good idea is to try to unplug camera from USB and see if it works shooting outside of Shutter Stream, as a normal camera. See if Live View mode works, see if images are being shot and saved to SD card, etc...

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