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So the total maintenance on December 2018 is 12.25 years and the maintenance for all licenses will expire on 2/2019.  After 2/2019 the maintenance cost is 8x per year because there are 8 licenses issued.



Remember: all

  1. All maintenance licenses are retroactively calculated to the first year of purchase.
After that, each year, the maintenance cost
  1. Maintenance agreements always expire on the date of purchase of the first license. 
  2. After the date of the first license expiration, the cost for each additional maintenance year, is multiplied by the number of licenses.  For 8x licenses, the cost for each additional calendar year of maintenance is 8x years of maintenance.
  3. If you've paid any maintenance agreements already, they will be subtracted from the calculation. In the above example, if you paid one maintenance agreement, then the total maintenance will be 12.25 - 1 = 11.25 years.

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