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Problem: I would like to output my 360 image as a .gif for Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram or other social platforms.

Step-by-step guide

Main steps are:

  1. Convert .jpg to .gif using a third party app.
  2. Set your camera to shoot .mp4 or any other video format.
  3. Upload them to social platforms like any other file.

You can output as .mp4 if you select your camera to shoot .mp4 videos or any other video format the camera can shoot (.avi, .mpg, etc.). Here is a KB article with more details on shooting videos:

If you want to create a .gif, you will need to use an image-to-GIF converter. Product View Creator (versions earlier than 3.1) does not output to .gif. But, you could use your individual images and find a free GIF making software to create your gif. Typically users will import their set of images into the third party application.

Applications such as:

Or you could use a professional software, like Photoshop.

The link below goes over how to create a .gif file using Photoshop:

Following the above guide, the .gif below was created using Photoshop: 

Social media 360 Product View Format Type:

Twitter – Animated GIF (autoplays)

Facebook – Animated GIF (autoplays)

Pinterest – Animated GIF (autoplays)

Google My Business – Standard Mp4 Video

Instagram – Standard Mp4 Video (autoplays)

LinkedIN – Standard MP4 Video or GIF (autoplays)