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I can't connect my Canon camera with the Shutter Stream, version 6.x application on my Windows PC.


If Shutter Streams fails to start or connect due to the Canon SDK found in version 6.x, let's try to test the native Canon application and see if we have any luck connecting to the Canon camera, using Canon's native Canon SDK demo application.

Main steps are:
  1. Download and unzip the Canon Camera Control app
  2. Test our app

1. You will have to download and unzip the app, click on this icon below:

2. Turn ON your Canon camera and connect to USB port on your computer, start our CameraControl.exe app, test if you can snap some images which are auto saved in our app folder directly, see other functions if available. If this app works, then Shutter Stream should work, as we use this Canon official SDK for Shutter Stream version 6.x.